Sunday, 26 April 2009

Royal Oak to be taken over by Charlton fans?

Rumour has it that "a consortium of Charlton fans" have made Clive Still an offer for the Royal Oak and that the final details are being worked through prior to a sale. I sincerely hope so. I won't name the leading individual just in case there is no truth in this rumour, but he is a local businessman, well known Charlton fan and a match-day Oak regular for as long as I can remember. 

Tomorrow night sees Norwich City entertain Reading in a game that could be critical to the final day. If Norwich get the win then I think they can stay up. If they lose or draw, then I think they are down because I am sure we will finish with a Valley win. I said the other day that I can see Norwich fans appearing in home areas next Sunday and there's even been a direct request on Charlton Life for tickets. After the massive disappointments of this season we could get the chance to laugh at someone else's misfortune. Oh for some real excitement at the Valley!


Bob Miller said...

Yes, Charlton fans were in hysterics when Palace went down. Laughing at other's misfortunes is ill advised. What goes around...often comes around!

Dave said...

Bob - probably, but hey, you only live once and if you can take it, then you can afford to dish it out on occasions. I am very fond of Norwich but they would be giving it to us if we went down at Carrow Road on the last day. They probably deserve it too in view of the football they have played this year - Dave.