Thursday, 2 April 2009

Dowie to sue Charlton for court costs

Iain Dowie's name is being splashed all over the papers this morning as the astonishing first-team coach choice of new Toon Army supremo Alan Shearer. Whilst this appears as a late April Fool, it is, apparently, true. Strange timing then, for the ex-rocket scientist to be threatening to sue the Addicks for £1.2m of court costs associated with his legal battle with Simon Jordan over his ill-fated Valley appointment. A case which he lost and which has already cost him £300,000 in compensation. What, exactly, has he been waiting for in order to launch this action? A new job with a signing on fee or promised income?

Mr Dowie is a pugnacious looking character and I hope he has the physical abilities to match because he might have to rely upon them if he sets foot in south-east London again. As they say in parts of Scotland, he's a right chancer.

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sm said...

If true, this really shows the true colour of the man, or should I say worm.

I think he might have some difficulty in demonstrating that his contract with Charlton in effect indemnified him in respect of his false representations to Jordan.

I hope the Charlton board respond in kind by suing him for breach of contract while he was with Charlton - subsequent events have more than demonstrated his incompetence in that reqard. Normally clubs try to avoid such actions but surely in this case an exception is warranted.