Thursday, 19 March 2009

Parkinson to finish on a high!

Phil Parkinson is rallying his team for Saturday's game against Preston. He is quoted on the club site saying that "it will be nice for the supporters to finish the season on a high, and that's what we intend to do." Does he really think we can finish on a high this season as we get relegated?" He should also have given some serious thought to what he's been saying in previous weeks about what's going to happen next, because none of it has come to pass. I really do hope we win tomorrow because he'll have nothing much to say afterwards, if we lose, other than focus in on the obvious events of the game, you know the sort of thing, "we needed a response after they took the lead and we didn't get one."

He is also being quoted in the Newsshopper confirming what we have already got accustomed to, and that is that players will need to be sold to finance any arrivals. It's always good to be forward looking but his position must surely be untenable in seven games time. I suspect season ticket sales will not only slump but will not take off until further decisive action has been taken to change the way the club and team is managed. The club are maintaining that Parkinson is here to stay but they said that about Pardew and were forced to act. We have had too many poor managers in recent years but that's no excuse for retaining another one longer than we absolutely have to and that's 3rd May.

Can you imagine what will happen in September if our current form is continued into the new season? We will have demonstrations (albeit from a smaller attendance) again behind the West Stand and another season will be in jeopardy. My season ticket renewal will depend on how the club reacts to relegation. Keeping this failed manager won't be a good start. Hanging on to the nucleus of the squad will also be key but I suspect we may have more medicine to take as most of the loanees flee and our more able players are targetted on the cheap.

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We need Aidy Boothroyd ...