Sunday, 8 March 2009

The morning after...

There are just five homes left to endure before we can bring the curtain down on this miserable season. Preston, Birmingham, Blackpool, Cardiff and Norwich. Hardly awe-inspiring but they are all involved in the promotion and relegation issues, so all should come looking for the three points that will be available on the big red cushion.

The mood I am in at the moment, I couldn't care less if we lost the lot. However, it would be good to dent Birmingham's promotion hopes and the relegation party on the last day could turn into a proper wake if Norwich go down with us.

Curbs was on the box today telling Sky Sports News that we have had too many managers since his departure (no shit Sherlock). He believes we got rid of Dowie and Reed too quickly and that there was little point in ditching Pardew when we did. He stopped short of saying Parky must be given longer but that was the inference. Dowie was only given 15 games but his behaviour during that period was concerning (not travelling with the players, losing the team on a training run prior to a match etc) and history has shown that he paid big prices for poor players. Reed was unfortunate in that he was a lame duck in the way he was appointed and the media crucified him. However, I can't agree with him over Pardew. The bloke simply had to go after the performances that lead to the 5 goal home hammering by Sheffield United and we were going down with him in charge, make no mistake.  If I read Curbs right about his view on Parkinson, I take issue with that too. He should have been relieved of his duties after failing to win during his "caretaker" role and we can't risk him ruining next season. Sure, any new manager is a gamble and we run the risk of another bad decision but that doesn't mean you should avoid taking it.

Sticking with Parky could cost us a couple of thousand season tickets renewals. All we have left is our fan base and that must now be defended at all costs. We need a clean slate and some real incentive to believe next season won't be as poor as this one has been.


Terry Thomas said...

The club will need to be very inentive with its season ticket pricing next season if it is to protect the fan base. I paid £475 for my season ticket this year and will not be prepared to pay above £300 next season.

Dave said...


I'm sure they will have to cut the cost in recognition of League One football as well as the fact that there is unlikely to be a "free" ticket offer incentive this time around. I covered this on another post, but prices in League One hold up pretty well, so I'm not sure you'll get your £300 ticket. Maybe they will be more creative to make it compelling? Dave.