Monday, 2 March 2009

And the latest loanee is...

Danny Butterfield (I was going to include a pic of him but in every one I can find he's wearing an offensive shirt). The Bulletin informs us that he's been signed to replace Graham Murty who now returns injured to Reading. Murty looked a decent player from what I saw of him but it never looked long term. When he arrived he was honest enough to say he was trying to get fit and doing Parky a favour. He was also quoted in the Reading press a couple of weeks back saying he couldn't wait to get back in the Reading first team. Well it won't be for a while now!

Butterfield is a capable right-back and can also play on the wing. I've always thought he was one of Palace's better players. Strange then that they have agreed to let him come on loan for the rest of the season when he's been a first-team choice recently. Maybe Jordan's trimming his wage bill now that their season is over.

So, still no place for Yassin Moutaouakil. You got that Moots? You're not wanted lad. Parky might have seen the light by giving Racon a chance but he's missing a real opportunity here to bring on a player who looks like an unpolished diamond to me.

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Suze said...

I see that they have a recall button after 28 days. Who'd bet they press that if Jordan see he's working for us.

At least he should know Hudson and now we have three players in the back who've played together, plus Tom Soares.

I agree, it seems strange that as he's been playing for the first team this season, he's now out on loan. I think you may have hit that nail on the head, Dave.