Monday, 16 February 2009

Therry Racon's advert for CAFCTV

CAFCTV has been proving poor value for money this season. The scarcity of winning performances, general lack of quality football as well as the technical teething problems have all combined to cause widespread disgruntlement amongst subscribers. I haven't really been bothering with it other than for the live away match commentaries. 

This weekend, though, it received it's biggest possible advertising boost courtesy of a pearler of a goal from Therry Racon and a decent second from Nicky Bailey. The Official Site leads with the picture here of Racon as he's about to pull the trigger. How much better it would have been to stick the clip on the homepage instead to show those yet to commit the potential value from this service.

Thoughts of two consecutive league wins for the first time in 14 months again enter the consciousness as we go to faltering Barnsley on Saturday. Like Plymouth they haven't won in 2009. In fact, they have lost all five they have played, scoring just once and conceding 12! Demand for the live commentary from CAFCTV is another reason to be pushing the CAFCTV service this week.

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