Monday, 23 February 2009

From Championship to Champions League

I'm off to the Emirates stadium tomorrow night to see Arsenal play Roma. I was invited a few weeks back by one of my works' suppliers. I normally turn these down as Charlton are rarely one of the two teams playing and, I am at that stage in life, where I am a bit more discerning about who I spend my free with - not that the guy who invited me is anything other than a thoroughly decent chap you understand.

The thing is, they caught me at a low point and I reacted to the taunt in the invite about seeing a winning team. So, I will be going and I will do a good impression of cheering on Roma on the basis that I have been to the Olympic Stadium in Rome (albeit to see Lazio) and that will serve them right. I have been told to be there for 6pm as there is a buffet and we have "Club" seats. This should be interesting and will hopefully give me plenty of ammunition to throw at the prawn sandwich brigade. 

On a more serious note, it will be interesting to watch live Premier League-quality football again after a two year absence. I will, of course, want to see the Arse win to increase the chances of a British side winning it again. They haven't been too hot of late and the 0-0 draw with Sunderland on Saturday was hardly awe-inspiring.


Suze said...

My brother in law (Arsenal supporter) was invited by his boss (Spurs supporter) to the Spurs v Arsenal game recently. As they were in one of the hospitality boxes, he was given a set of 'rules' outward sign of supporting the opposition, unless it was very understated, otherwise no entry to the ground.

Enjoy your game, and dream of the team in red. ;)

Chicago Addick said...

Buffet and club seats? What time the cheerleaders?

Nice new title pic Dave.

olly said...


Are they still serving fresh king prawns? I went against the barcodes last season in the mickey mouse cup and I thought someone was on a wind up when they brought out a big tray of prawns!

We were all on the Holloway rd from 3.30pm yesterday the Basildon boys and girls would have bought you a few beers if we had known!

Quality football but just need someone to stick it in the net, ffs just shoot!