Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Young Gun for the Valley?

Arsene Wenger is preparing to put three of his young stars out to Championship clubs for the second half of the season and we are being linked with hotshot Jay Simpson. Simpson is coming up for 20 and spent most of last year in South London with the Lions where is scored 8 goals and was awarded the PFA's League One Player of the Year.

If he does come to the Valley, we will need 16 goals in half a season and without it he might not find Charlton fans as pleased to see him as Millwall's were.


Anonymous said...

No more loan players please.

Suze said...

...and now he has two Premiership teams chasing after him, so I doubt if the delights of south London will thrill him or his boss.

We start losing our loan players next week...doesn't Primus' loan period end after the Derby game...