Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Big Sam's not the man

Just in case anyone was still labouring under delusions that Sam Allardyce might be in the running for Valley Saviour, he has signed on as new Blackburn Rovers manager in a move that seemed favourite from the moment Paul Ince was shown the door. 

Allardyce is not the favourite of the Premiership elite who like to castigate him as a long ball merchant who builds physical teams with an emphasis on a "boring" direct style and this seems to be the prime talking point when he has been linked with any new club.  Whilst there is some obvious evidence to support this view, the fact that Big Sam's sides have a track record of getting results against the big four has more to do with it in my view. Blackburn fans will be delighted with whatever football they get between now and May just as long as they avoid the drop.

Now Allardyce has been homed elsewhere, I look forward to the announcement that a lower league club has snapped Paul Ince up, just to avoid the smallest risk of him appearing at the Valley. I can't think of a worse choice in the event Parky doesn't get the job.

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